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Warrior Cast

Apr 20, 2019

Marvel Universe Movie, EndGame, Thoughts on Showtime Boxing’s Shields/Hammer, Lomenchenko’s victory, DC Universe App, UFC 236, Big Baby Miller

Apr 13, 2019

Pop Culture, movies, games, fighters, and A Conversation with Pat Miletich a retired American mixed martial artist and a current sports commentator. known for his fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he became the first UFC Welterweight Champion  


Apr 4, 2019

Convo with MMA fighter Micah “see me” Terrill.   Brief talk about what’s in pop culture and movies & Shogun fights this weekend. Avengers Endgame, Mortal Kombat 11 Review, and Cowboy Bebop live action.

Mar 29, 2019

A brief review of Devil May Cry V for PS4, Mortal Kombat, movies seen, the Wonderboy vs Showtime recap and news that Connor McGregor retires  @warriorcastshow on twitter, IG @kickinitken, IG @kickinkollector

Mar 20, 2019

“Three piece and a soda” episode covering Jorge Masvidal’s backstage brawl, Deontay Wilder’s next bout and do Martial artist make good dancers w/interview with Lacadre Howard. Fitness boxing coach/personal trainer at Nuboxx, Madabolic and Bash gyms in the DMV area