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Warrior Cast

Mar 20, 2019

“Three piece and a soda” episode covering Jorge Masvidal’s backstage brawl, Deontay Wilder’s next bout and do Martial artist make good dancers w/interview with Lacadre Howard. Fitness boxing coach/personal trainer at Nuboxx, Madabolic and Bash gyms in the DMV area

Mar 15, 2019

Review of Ms Marvel, New Avengers Endgame trailer, Fighters in retirement, past and upcoming UFC events, Conor McGregor arrested and my first bag of inspiration.

Feb 27, 2019

Brief rundown of UFC 235
Wilder vs Fury 2 - Not Happening
Black History of fighters

Feb 23, 2019

Props to George St Pierre

UFC news

Conversation about styles, life, fighting and more with Josh Jackson

Feb 15, 2019

UFC 234 with the Twins and Jon Saxon talking about this, that and video games